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Hey, everyone!

I have a list of DIY projects that I keep… and constantly add to! I just tackle them one at a time whenever I can. Sometimes the projects are seasonal, so they get bumped back a bit. But here’s a few that I have on my to-do list… if DadDad sees this list, he will probably pass out ūüėČ

Pallet wood signs…

Photo credit: TheCreativeCrate.blogspot.com

Pallet wood mirrors…¬†

Photo Credit: Bucketsofburlap.blogspot.com

Pallet wood headboard…¬†

This is one of my favorite quotes! Wanting to do this sign with pallet board border… not a chalkboard though… I have a serious issue about chalkboards- Eeeeek! Yeah, weird, I know…

Photo credit: Easiepeasie.blogspot.com

What’s on your To-Do Craft List Scroll??

Happy Crafting!

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Hey, everyone!

Thanks to It’s Written on the Wall for posting this up… so simple to make & a great way to save on those expensive store-bought finger paints.

Photo Credit: EasiePeasie.blogspot.com

Just a few simple ingredients and you’re good to go…

Photo credit: Easie Peasie

 Happy Finger Painting!!!

Please note: Since this post, I have moved my Kids Craft posts to my parenting blog.
Please visit us at The Trials & Triumphs of a Passionate Parent to see all of our Kids Crafts.

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Hey, everyone!

This post is a repeat… it was originally¬†on our family blog, but since I’ve started this craft blog, I’ve decided to relocate the post to its new casa… here. The original candle lantern¬†tutorial called¬†for those small clear vases you can find at¬†The Dollar Store. Check out the step-by-step tutorial HERE.

I wanted to work with things that I have around the house, so I used a mason jar. I also substituted this straw-type rope (from Home Depot) instead of the twine. I’ve had this rope lying around the house for years! I try to use it whenever I can in any decorations around my home because when I revamped my childhood furniture, instead of drawer handles, I used that rope. I just like for things to tie in with the furniture without being too matchy-matchy. The rope itself¬†is thick, but you can simply¬†unwind a few pieces and use those thinner pieces to tie around the neck of the mason jar. Dont forget to check out the tutorial to see what other supplies you will need. Click HERE.

Here’s my mason jar¬†version of candle lantern¬†with rope around the neck of the jar…

Easy to make mason jar candle lantern

Here’s one of our bedroom dressers¬†with rope handles… This was the inspiration for the rope on the mason jars. The dresser itself is in our kitchen, where I absolutely LOVE it! I have this thing about taking pieces of¬†furniture and using it in rooms you wouldn’t think to put it in… and Im loving the simple &¬†creative¬†storage it brings to the kitchen…

Dresser with rope handles

I’ve decided that I will make a few of these candle lanterns for our back balcony in the spring time. In the meantime, a couple in our home since I love candlelit windowsills and some in the bathroom, of course… ahhhh, nothing more relaxing than¬†a candlelit bath…

Hope this inspires you to come up with a few ways to change this up and make it your own ūüėÄ

Happy Candle Lanterning??! LOL!

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Hey, everyone!

For those¬†of you that were along for the ride in my adventures with wreath-decorating, this is Part 2 of that project, really. I had some parts of the¬†wreath that were left over and I wanted to make a small centerpiece to put on our pallet wood shelf that we have over the kitchen sink. I have a toddler so my decorations are all in areas that are up and away from his reach. And now that we have that shelf up, I like to change it up for the different holidays…

Here’s what I used to put together this very simple and inexpensive centerpiece… of course with¬†a few things that I already had around the house:

  • Bread plate (or a basket- I just needed something rectangular to fit on our shelf)
  • Candles
  • Pine cones (something I dont have to buy at the store for the first time in my life, since moving up north from south FL! All I had to do was go on a nature hike with Little Monkey and pick some off the ground! Yay!)

I tried a few different setups… here was one with a flower from the wreath, but I ultimately decided to put it back on the wreath because I wanted something a little more low-key

This is the one I ultimately stuck with...


(EEEK!!! Dont mind the coffee cup¬†in the sink! LOL! That is so me! I cant take a photo for the life of me… I cut off people’s heads &¬†include dirty dishes! Aye!)


I have this obsession with autumn leaves and decided to use a lot more of those, along with some acorns and, also,¬†buckeye nuts (thanks to my mom-in-law)… here’s the end result. I also decided to¬†display a couple of gravy bowls beside it, since those are always sitting in the cupboard. Just something simple and seasonal. The best part was that I was able to make both¬†this centerpiece and the wreath for our front door for cheap! ūüėÄ (Want to check out the wreath? Click HERE ).

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey, everyone!

Most people¬†think that blowing bubbles is an activity only for¬†sunny¬†& warm weather… oh, no, no, no. Not in this family, I tell you! We MomMom wears flip flops in Virginia winter weather, so it’s only appropriate that I would mix & mash the seasons that I choose to do activities, right?

Today’s weather: 55 degrees, cool, and windy. Little Monkey wanted to blow bubbles outside and the store bought mix on our shelf had sketchy stuff floating around the bottom. So I had to find a homemade recipe with exact measurements for each ingredient STAT (with things that I already have in my home, of course!)… and wah-lah!!!


    • 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid
    • 2 cups of water
    • 2 teaspoons of sugar
    • Optional:¬†a drop or so of food coloring for a colorful kick to your bubbles

I mixed everything up in a large mason jar to store and then put part of it in a toddler-friendly plastic bottle. It was a great activity that I needed just to get us outside for some exercise today.

Hope you’re enjoying your day as well!

Please note: Since this post, I have moved my Kids Craft posts to my parenting blog.
Please visit us at The Trials & Triumphs of a Passionate Parent to see all of our Kids Crafts.

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