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Hey, everyone…

DadDad’s on vacation this week!
Not only does this mean we get more family time,  but I also get a chance to tackle a few things on my project checklist 😀

One of My Project Goals: Pallet Wood Patio Table

Photo Credit: ApartmentTherapy.com

Check out Shabby Love’s site for this step-by-step TUTORIAL.

Hopefully you are able to find wood pallets around you…
We go to a Lumber Liquidators about 45 minutes from us… worth the drive! We pick up a bunch at a time for various projects around the house and the best part is that the pallets are FREE! 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on more of our pallet wood projects…

Thanks for stopping by ♥

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Hey, everyone…

Every once in awhile, you come across something that just sticks in your mind…
you love it, you think about it an awful lot, you dream about it…
and you set your mind to making it…

Did I mention that this has been on my mind for over a year now???

Meet my new pallet wood project: The Garden Fence

Photo Credit: CamelotArtCreations.Blogspot.Com

We live in a second story walk-up apartment, but we have this space beside our front door that would be perfect for this…

Check out Camelot Art Creations for the TUTORIAL and while you’re there, have a look around her site and Etsy page and get ready to swoon ♥

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! ♥

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Hey, everyone…

We were looking for a simple and budget-friendly way to create space in our very humble apartment. I didnt want to buy a spice rack because we are already short on counter space, so I decided to see if we could use our leftover pallet wood and put a very simple spice rack up on the wall.

We needed something light (as in weight) because our apartment complex is older and it’s questionable whether or not the walls can hold something heavy, even if the shelf were to be anchored.

Here’s what we came up with…


Pallet Wood Spice Rack (PalletWoodPrincess.Wordpress.Com)

 A perfect fit in the small wallspace that we have…

Pallet Wood Spice Rack (PalletWoodPrincess.Wordpress.Com)


It’s nothing fancy, just another budget-friendly idea for something you can make out of pallet wood…

Thanks for stopping by ♥

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Hey, everyone!

I have a list of DIY projects that I keep… and constantly add to! I just tackle them one at a time whenever I can. Sometimes the projects are seasonal, so they get bumped back a bit. But here’s a few that I have on my to-do list… if DadDad sees this list, he will probably pass out 😉

Pallet wood signs…

Photo credit: TheCreativeCrate.blogspot.com

Pallet wood mirrors… 

Photo Credit: Bucketsofburlap.blogspot.com

Pallet wood headboard… 

This is one of my favorite quotes! Wanting to do this sign with pallet board border… not a chalkboard though… I have a serious issue about chalkboards- Eeeeek! Yeah, weird, I know…

Photo credit: Easiepeasie.blogspot.com

What’s on your To-Do Craft List Scroll??

Happy Crafting!

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I wanted to share an idea that I came up with and my gracious hubby helped me construct. In our home, the space is limited and so is the budget, so I wanted to come up with an idea that would go along with our home decor and use things that were free or relatively inexpensive. I wanted to try to build a decorative shelf to go over our kitchen sink, which was just dead space. I had this vision in my head and went to Lowe’s with wide eyes and empty pockets (on purpose!) in search of lumber. Sweet mother of everything sacred! It’s highway robbery what these people are charging! So buying the wood was NOT an option!

Did you know that there is a “free” page on Craigslist? For those that are unaware, people list all kinds of stuff they are trying to get rid of. Most of the time the only thing it requires is that you come and haul it. So I was looking for something else on there for a few weeks and noticed how many postings there are for free pallet wood. This got me thinking that I could make a shelf using this wood. And so we did…

Our kitchen needed something to open up the area & also a few things to decorate… here’s what we did:

    •  Mirror from Walmart ($5)- painted the border to match kitchen colors
    • Mason jars from Walmart (#12 quart sized jars $8)- used to store sugar, flour, baking soda, etc.
    • Soap dispenser- made out of one of the mason jars
    • Decorative candle light (“Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much”)- a gift from my mom-in-law, purchased from one of my favorite stores- Weaving Stiches in Pomeroy, Ohio

Hope you feel inspired to come up with ways to make your own home decorations. What a fun way to be creative on a dime!

Happy Crafting!

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