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Are you ready to daydream??

Ahhhh ♥ Here’s a few I wanted to share…

Frosty purple...

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Photo Credit: Piccsy

 And while I love all of these pics… here’s my favorite…


Photo Credit: Pinterest/Piccsy

PS- Yeah, I cracked and have been scoping out beautiful pictures on Pinterest 😀

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Fall door wreath

Hey, everyone!

On my quest to make more home decorations, I have tackled the door wreath… check! And it was no easy feat… who knew that retail stores would have only slim pickings left for fall and Thanksgiving decorations! There is still a week and a half left in October and they are already packing up shop for fall things… craziness! On a positive note, what they do have has been drastically marked down… Im talking 60% off in some cases at Joann Fabrics! And I used a coupon… yahoo!

My favorite place to pick up seasonal decorations is The Dollar Store or Dollar Tree… You can’t go wrong when everything’s $1. Of course, you still have to be aware that some places might carry that same item for less, but all in all, it’s my go-to place for decorations. I also like places like Joann Fabrics, Michaels and Walmart… of course, I come wielding coupons 😉

This was my first time making a wreath… I should say decorating, though, because I didn’t make the grapevine wreath. Funny that I get home and tear open my goody bags loaded with my craft supplies and DadDad Hill comes in and says, “You know, we could have MADE the wreath! I know how and Mom use to make them all the time when we were kids!” WHAT?! Why was I not told this sooner?? I would have LOVED to make the wreath together! Not only that, we live smack up against woods, so Im sure we could have found something to use in there! Oh well… next holiday 😉 (And Mom, you promised this is our next craft together!) And, yes, I lucked out and found a wreath for only $3.50 (other stores carried it for $15… gulp!). Anyways, I loved making this with our Little Monkey and I think it came out pretty decent. In fact, I plan on making a wreath for every holiday and having that be our thing on the front door 😀

Here’s what you’ll need- and please excuse the picture-taking skills… I have none 😉 …

Supplies for fall wreath

  • Grapevine wreath ($3.50 at Walmart)
  • Decorative vegetables- pumpkin, etc. ($1 each at Dollar Store)
  • Ribbon with wire edge ($1 at Dollar Store)
  • Floral wire ($1 at Dollar Store)
  • Wooden ‘H’ ($2 at Walmart)
  • Bouquet of flowers ($3 or $4 at Walmart)
  • Garland (I know they carry garland of fall leaves at the Dollar Store, but they were out, so I got this garland- which has pinecones and acorns on it with the leaves for $5 at Joann Fabrics. It’s normally $15 but with sale and coupon… BAM!)

I basically laid the garland on top of wreath and secured it with floral wire. Did the same to the veggies. For the pumpkin, I actually shaped the floral wire like a corkscrew and pushed it up through the bottom of the pumpkin. I wanted the pumpkin to sit on the wreath with the stem showing, so that’s why I did this. I cut up the bouquet and just pushed the flowers and leaves in where I thought the wreath could use some filling. I even had enough to add some decorations to a simple centerpiece that I made. (I will post that project up sometime this week.) I tied the ribbon at the top and that was it! I realized that I had forgotten to paint the “H” and put it in the middle of the wreath, but I can work on that today or tomorrow. I plan on the “H” hanging from the top of the wreath in the middle of it.

Fall Door Wreath

 It was a fun craft project to do together with Little Monkey… he loves flowers and he loves helping! I can’t wait to get started on our Christmas wreath (assuming the stores don’t take down the Christmas decorations this week!)… and Im hoping to be more creative and more skilled with each wreath that we decorate. But I will always treasure this first wreath we made together!

Happy Wreath Decorating!

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