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Hey, everyone!

Been busy trying to get our home better organized (it’s an endless battle! Do you feel the same way??!)… now the holidays are here and I have made it my mission to celebrate this Christmas season in a very old-fashioned way. That’s right… homemade gifts, homemade decorations, and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I cut down in the woods out back! In fact, the actual Charlie Brown Christmas tree looks a lot better than ours… ours is a tree branch!!! 😉 My plan is to make it a new family tradition to have a Blessing Tree in our home every year… Im cutting out paper pieces to tie to this branch and display in our home. On each paper will be a blessing in our lives that we are grateful for. This tree will be a reminder to us that we have been called to be content in whatever situation God has us in and that we need to count our blessings and be thankful 🙂

Once I have finished everything, I will be post some pictures up… meanwhile, I found this wonderful Mason jar craft for something to display around the house… (Thank you to The Better Mom for posting this!) I love Mason jar crafts and this one has a Christmas theme to it…

Photo credit: TheInspiredRoom.net

Click HERE for the tutorial…

Also, if you’re interested in checking out a few new cookie and sweetie recipes to try this season, pop over to our family blog and see what we have… Click HERE to check them out…

Looking forward to sharing our Christmas adventures with you soon…

May you & your family have a blessed Christmas…

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Hey, everyone!

I’ve been thinking of what to do for Little Monkey’s Christmas present. I’m not big into toys because 1) we just don’t have the room and have been forced to get rid of toys that we couldn’t keep due to space issues and 2) I believe there is such thing as a child having too many toys. With that being said, I’ve decided to take note of things that he enjoys doing the most, work off of that and come up with something unique to do for him.

Our Little Monkey really (I mean, REALLY!) enjoys anything in the kitchen, so I’ve decided that for Christmas, I am going to revamp a cabinet and make him a small kitchen stove and give him his own area. He has his own cabinet in the kitchen right now, but this will be something that he can cook on and play around with.

I will probably start this project just after Trick or Treating. I even found an old cabinet at a local thrift shop for $8 that I’ve been eyeing! Come check out what my inspiration is… so stay tuned… we’ll see how the finished project turns out… 😉

A big thank you to my girl, Theresa G., for putting this idea into my head… 😀

Happy Crafting!

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Hey, everyone!

As the Mommy of a toddler, I’m always on the lookout for easy and fun crafts to do together. It’s a bonus when I can kill two birds with one stone… and that’s what this craft is for me.

This is our first year that we will be getting a Christmas tree of our own. I make it a point to buy an individual ornament for each of us and also a family ornament every year. This is the first year that Little Monkey is old enough to really get into crafting with me, so Im loving that we can work together now on this craft and it will be something we can display on our Christmas tree!

Beaded Ornament

The only two supplies that you will need are:

    • Pipe cleaners (Dollar Store)
    • Beads (Dollar Store) -(the craft article calls for those plastic beads, but I wanted to use stuff I had around the house- I found an old tub of glass beads that I have had for years. It has a lot of fun shapes & crazy colored beads in it. I bought it from Michaels a few years back.)
… and now we have our first homemade ornament that JP & I made together 😀

For the tutorial and some other great craft ideas, click HERE

Happy Crafting!

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